Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Diet Coke Watch: CVS $0.88 and shopping trip vent.

Diet Coke is $0.88 this week at CVS with a Limit of 6.

I went to CVS. I had a $10 ECB that I had to use. I spent over an hour there. I get excited when I get free or cheap things, but I don't like the time it takes to do it because I am not organized. I also don't like the pressure of a deadline. I only have a $2 ECB left that I need to use up in a month. I definitely prefer CVS over walgreens now. Mainly because their rewards expire after a month instead of 2 weeks and they have coupons that print out in the store. I was also bummed today because I couldn't find my 0.25 off 3 puffs coupons, I only had a $0.75 off colgate coupon instead of a $1 off, and I only had a one $1 off always coupon instead of 2. I know it is small change. It is just the part of me that knows I could have done better if I was more on top of it. Oh, well.

At least, I got toothpaste for $0.24
Puffs for $0.94 (walgreens this week as them at $0.89)
Pads at 2 packs for $3 after $1 coupon and $1 ECB.
Olay bodywash and Olay lotion at about $4 for both after coupons and ECB. I had hoped it would have been less.
6 Diet Cokes at $0.88

I am proud that I resisted the candy promo.

They had a lot of 50% off clearance stuff that didn't interest me.

I also was annoyed because I couldn't find the Prescription transfer coupon for a $25.00 gift card.

I guess I just feel disorganized overall. I think I will feel better once I clean out my trunk and clear out my expired coupons. Time to start the new year fresh.

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