Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Money Saving Tip: My favorite Drink at Restaurants is Water with a lemon and a straw

I usually order water with a lemon or lime with a straw. Why you ask?

1. Water is the healthiest
2. Easiest way to hydrate.
3. Lemons make any water taste good
4. I subconsciously think that the citric acid from the lemon actually does something to make the water cleaner to drink.
5. Vitamin C.
6. Straw for ease of drinking. I definitely drink more when I have a straw
7. No Calories
8. No Caffeine
9. No sugar
10. No artificial colors
11. No carbonation/carbonic acid. Not that I am against carbonated drinks,
12. Free!

Most of the time, when I am out drinks are $2 or more. Just think about what percentage of your bill is going towards drinks. I often don't even like the drink choices offered. Fountain drinks dont taste the same as drinks straight from the bottle. I also try not to drink caffeine past a certain time of day. Plus, I don't like to drink things high in sugar, so that usually leaves me with tea. I have become a tea snob over the years. My favorite brand right is Numi by the way. So, that leaves me with water with lemon and a straw! One point in my life, I super hydrated. I simply carried water with me all the time AND DRANK IT! I lost a lot of weight by doing that. See if it helps y'all. (Reminder to self: Buy that Camel Bak and drink more water!!!)


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