Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Simoniz: 5 Best Car Washes for $75 aka $14.99 each.

So, y'all may have remembered me posting about this car wash a few months ago. My opinion is pretty much the same.

Yesterday, I went for a car wash. I didn't have any coupons, but I really need to vacuum and wash my car. Normally, you can get $3 coupons from the back of your receipt at Randalls in the Panther Creek Shopping Center or from mailers. Without a coupon, the basic full service wash is $10.99 for a vacuum and wash. They have a promotion going on that you can get their "Best" wash for $14.99 when you prepay for 5 washes. That is $10 savings. My math head said "that is only $4 more dollars!" so I did it. I am happy I did because it made my car extra shiny and it smells nice.

I was also informed about this 7 day rain check. That anyone who purchases the higher up car washes gets an automatic rewash within 7 days of their visit. Just a run through. That is nice ! It adds value. Now, I have to remember to go.

Every time I go, I keep my eye on the car the whole way through. I also inspect the car when they are "done." Let's just say they are never really done here. It seems that they almost always forget the door jams and may or may not do all the windows. I usually point out the big points and then tip well. Yesterday, I sent it back to be re-vacuumed because I could still see big crumbs in obvious places. I am always friendly and polite about it. I almost always walk out dissatisfied. Even when I pay for more detailing services, I never feel like I am getting so much more, so my strategy is go basic and to maintain it myself. That reminds me that I need to go find that armorall. It just helps get started and to clean out my car. Another tip is to go when they aren't busy. They seem to spend more time on your car when it is empty. I usually allow up to an hour for the whole process, even though I have been out in 30 minutes before. At least, it forced to me to clean out my car. Now, I need to clean out my trunk!

The promotion lasts through the end of the year. They have some other coupon booklet deals, but I think this one is the best choice for the money.

Simoniz Car Wash. (281) 362-7000. 4420 Panther Creek Pine, The Woodlands, TX 77381

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