Saturday, March 6, 2010

Deal Strategy: No Minimum Purchase

I just wanted to remind y'all about the best way to maximize coupons and discounts at restaurants and grocery stores that are "no minimum purchase" promotions since we have seen a couple of these lately.

Let's say you have a $5 off coupon with no minimum purchase (like the cards in the front of the Entertainment Book).
Then you want to make your total food purchase before tax and tip as close to $5 as possible. I suggest over $5 to in order to maximize the value of the promotion. The reason is less out of pocket money spent and a higher percent off your total bill.

For example, today I went to Red Robin. I used the $5 off card from the Entertainment book to purchase their advertised $5.99 Prime burger with unlimited french fries. Total Cost: $0.99 + tax and tip = $3. I always tip $1 person minimum at restaurants.

Last week, I went to RICO's and used their $10 off coupon and I bought a chile relleno meal for $8.99. I just had to pay tax and tip.

For all the readers out there, I am doing a giveaway to help you try out this strategy. Leave a comment or email me that you are reading this blog and that you get the daily emails. I will randomly select 2 winners. The first person will have a choice of either a $5 off Applebees coupon with no minimum purchase (expires March 31, 2010) or a Rico's $10 off with no minimum purchase coupon (expires 3/31/2010).


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