Thursday, March 18, 2010

Help Please!! Please Print $3 Huggies Coupon for me!


I can't print these coupons on my mac. Could someone or everyone please print extras for me? I am planning on buying some more Pull ups next week. If your print them, email me and we can arrange a meetup. I am sure I have some tempting coupons for you, too!

Here is the post from My Frugal Adventures:

Huggies $3 off Coupon!

Now this is a coupon you will for sure want to print right away!  Get $3 off Huggies diapers HERE.  $3 you don't see that often so I am sure this won't last.

(PS:  My zip code was blank and I had to search through all the coupons to find it)

Thanks Shannon!

Be sure to check out My Frugal Adventures for all the latest deals!"

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