Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update: Toys R Us on Lake Woodlands does not take printed coupons

:( It is certain that the Toys R Us on Lake Woodlands does not take printed coupons. They do take Manufacturer's coupons, just not ones you can print off the internet. Boohoo.. Well, the next best deal for the Toy Story promo is at target for $1 more /movie and without the free bonus movie. I also learned that Target does not preorder movies.

The Disney store is offering the first 50 people in the store to buy the movies tomorrow a $20 gift card. The Movies cost about $25 each. they said they didn't know if they could take the $10 off coupons.

So, here is the price break down once more for target.

$17.99 per combo pack
- $10 coupon from Disney Movie Rewards
= 7.99

So, that is about $16 plus tax for Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2, and 2 movie tickets to see Toy Story 3 when they come out. Plus, I heard the Target combos come with a cd-rom for the computer. I heard it from another blog, but I dont have first hand knowledge if it is true.

A little voice in the back of my head says we can just wait till they are all shown on tv and dvr them or rent them from blockbuster. Then, I think that tickets to go see the movie alone are about $16, so why not get the dvds, too.. I think I have spent too much time on this already..

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