Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kids Books cheaper at Borders

I forgot to mention that I have seen many of the same books listed for $3.99 at Barnes and Noble at Borders for $2.99 or less, plus you can get the 25% off educator's discount off your total purchase every day. So make sure you check prices their first! The bargain books are on the first floor near the registers at Borders in Market Street. That is THE PLACE where I buy most of my books. I laugh when I go to Barnes and look at their prices. That being said, I do think Barnes is nicer and has a much larger and better selection of kids books and a nicer children's section. I suggest going to Borders once a  month of so to see what is new in the bargain section because there is turn over. Books you see today will be gone tomorrow, so if you see a good deal, buy it. You can always return it back to Borders if you have to. The best sale is when they have the buy 2 bargain books get 1 free. The only catch to get the 33% off is to make sure all 3 books are of equal value. The educator's discount doesn't apply then. Also, they send out coupons for 1 book at 33% off every now and then. If the discount coupon says one item, then you can even apply that to the drinks in the cafe. Nice. Did you know you can also purchase your books in the cafe? That might be a good place to go if there is a long line downstairs and you are only getting a book or two.

Borders also offers free gift wrap year round. They have also given me a box to put my books in when I ask.

Can you tell I love Borders? I find the coolest books there!

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