Wednesday, May 26, 2010

$5 off $10 Build a Bear Coupons in Aveda in The Woodlands Mall.

You can find $5 off $10 Build a Bear Coupons in Aveda in The Woodlands Mall. Then, when you go to Build a Bear they will give you a coupon for free purfume from Aveda ($20 value). There are Aveda coupons in The Woodlands Discovery Book from the CVB. I highly suggest getting on the Aveda mailing list. They regularly send out postcards for free samples.

The Aveda store is a fun store to visit because of all the products that you get to try while you are there. Consistently, they have offered me a little cup of tea the last few times I have walked into the store.

Besides the free samples, I don't see coupons very often, so if you ever see a sale grab on to it. I have used my last 2 free mall gift cards there to help defray some of the cost of their products.

Shout out to Anna for being Awesome!


  1. Was a purchase necessary, or did you just go in and ask for the coupons?
    I like your blog :0)

  2. Thanks Jennifer for leaving the comment. No purchase necessary. Go in and they are on a table to the Right Hand Side. Kinda by the sink. I noticed them because there is a dinosaur dressed in a bathtub on the table. I recognized that the dinosaur/dragon came from Build a Bear. The coupons are free for the taking. They don't expire till 12/31/10!! Woohoo! Bears at Build a Bear start at $10. It is the clothes that make it expensive!


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