Saturday, May 29, 2010

All the Woodlands Pools will be open on Memorial Day!

All of the pools will be open every day from Memorial day on!

Memberships are $40 for those 3 and up. 2 and under are $6 for the whole summer. There are a few free days throughout the summer (like July 4). I will keep y'all posted.

Village of Alden Bridge
•Alden Bridge Pool – 7725 Alden Bridge Drive
•Lakeside Pool – 5001 W. Alden Bridge Drive
•Windvale Pool – 7600 Windvale Circle

Village of Cochran's Crossing
•Bear Branch Pool – 5200 Research Forest Drive
•Shadowbend Pool – 4192 Lake Woodlands Drive

Village of College Park
•Harper's Landing Pool – 2 Blair Bridge Drive

Village of Creekside Park
•Rob Fleming Aquatic Center – 6535 Creekside Forest Drive

Village of Grogan's Mill
•Sawmill Pool – 2200 Millpark Drive

Village of Indian Springs
•Falconwing Pool – 5610 Rush Haven Drive
•Forestgate Pool – 7505 S. Forestgate Drive

Village of Panther Creek
•Creekwood Pool – 3383 S. Panther Creek Drive
•Ridgewood Pool – 4192 Interfaith Way

Village of Sterling Ridge
•Cranebrook Pool – 11800 Cranebrook Drive

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