Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Randall's Trip: 5/21/10

So, I ran in to get my little one ibuprofen, and I stocked up on the $0.88 2 L Diet Coke. It looked like most of the 2L sodas were on sale, not just coca cola products. I also got diet sprite. I saw Diet Dr. Pepper was also on sale. Their 12 packs of cans promotion looked good, too! 4 at $2.79 + 2 free boxes of crackers. I just don't have storage space for it all.

I also picked up a bag of Fresh Express Salad ($1) and a bag of Fresh Express Spinach ($1). There was a ton of manu $1 off coupons right in front. I used 2 to get both bags for free!

This time I caught a mistake on my receipt and corrected it right away! It seems to be happening a lot to me. So, I have learned to really check my receipts every time.

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