Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WOW! $1 Books at Borders

I stopped into Borders tonight because I had a Free Book coupon (up to $15) with a $30 purchase and $5 in Borders Bucks to use. Right in the atrium of Borders were 4 big boxes and 2 big racks of $1 books. I bought 34 books today! It took me almost an hour to go through it all. I was rushing to find my free book and I wasn't watching the receipt. One of my books rang up at $4.99 and I didn't catch it till I was in the car. I have to look at it in closer detail to see if it is good one worth $5 or else I might return it (knowing I could have got it for less with a coupon or teacher's discount might get me to do it). My total cost oop was $34.63, which is awesome!

So, this is what I learned.

Today is the first day of the $1 books. There are still a lot of good ones left.
Only 1 of those boxes has kid books. Most of the kids books are seasonal, culturally themed, or based on Nickelodeon shows.
There were a lot of romance books.
There were a few books that were written by NY Best Selling Authors, but weren't best sellers themselves.
I saw a few Biography books.
There were a lot of skinny cookbooks and some fat diet books. Hehe.

I spoke with the manager on my way out, since I was the last leave. She told me that they do this every quarter. She thinks the months are May, July, October, and March for the $1 bins. She says the sales are predictable. First they mark the books down to bargain prices. Then the books go from B2G1 then B1G1 (last week, apparently from what I heard) to $1 bins.

So, you probably are asking "What are you going to do with 34 books?" Well, read them of course! Most of these books are for me. Less than 10 are for my little one. I can't wait to read the new books. And, if I don't like one, then I can read another. I can give them away, sell them, or donate them when I am done!

The hardest decision tonight was the free book. I probably could have spent another half an hour just thinking about that. It is good thing then that they were closing because it forced me to make a decision.

The $1 books were not all the bargain books. Just the ones that were in bins on tables for the last couple of months that didn't sell. The said the Teacher's Discount didn't apply. They have a lot of normal Bargain Kids Books that looked great!

Can you tell I love books? Happy reading!

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