Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Walgreens: My trip today 5/11/10 and last night.

So, I ran to the Sawdust rd location last night, and they were out of the mm razors and the free eos shaving cream, so I used my 2 $3 RR that were expiring on 2 packages of 24 .5L Aquafina for $3.99. I paid $2 oop. I picked up my free 8 X 10 Collage. It was super cute.

I then went to CVS and picked up quite a few things. I used my $5 ECB and walked out with a new $5 ECB. Pretty much everything I said I would get from my last email.

Today, I went to the Research Forest/6 Pines Walgreens. I did identical transactions. They were out of the Razors there, but they did have 2 EOS Shaving creams. I decided to roll my RR. Since I needed something that cost at least $0.01 I looked around a bit. I found the Diet Dr. Pepper for $1. Attached to quite a few bottles were Buy 2 get $1 off coupons. Woohoo! So, I bought 4 total soda bottles: 3 Diet Dr. Pepper and one Diet 7-Up. They were out of any more Diet Dr. Peppers, so I decided to get try the Diet 7-Up. I am usually a sprite drinker so we'll see if I like it. Each transaction cost me $1.07 oop.

I also got a carwash at Simoniz in Panther Creek. They do take expired coupons. I paid $7.99 + $1.50 tip for a carwash with a vacuum. I wasn't completely happy, but I have learned not to have high expectations there. Better they do the vacuuming than me.

I ran to the Mall and got my free Sephora present. I also got a Black slinky cami at Lane Bryant for $1.50 after my $15 off coupon. Woohoo! I wanted a gold one, but they were all out of my size.

I am off again. Now, I need to bring all these things inside from trunk and put them away.

I would love to hear about your deals, so email me your finds!

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