Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chuy's Promotions

We went to dinner tonight at Chuy's on I45 between Research Forest and 242. I saw the following promotions advertised:

1. $8 t-shirts. There was quite a selection. It looks like they brought in new t-shirts, and they are clearing out their remaining ones with older designs. Some of them looked cute.

2. Bring in a framed picture of your dog and you get a free appetizer.

3. Bring in your child's report card with straight As or perfect attendance certificate and your child eats free.

I love Chuy's! My favorite thing to get is the Veggie combo with Deluxe Tomatillo sauce on both the chile relleno and the veggie enchilada.

Tip: Whenever we go in, I request the creamy jalepeno sauce and the deluxe tomatillo sauce for dipping chips in.

Overall, I think they are one of the cheaper places to go eat dinner when you don't have any coupons. :)

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