Sunday, May 23, 2010

Walmart: Toy Story and more!

So, a few things in the Walmart ad caught my attention today.

Sweet Corn is $0.19. That is a buy price!
40 oz Heinz Ketchup is $1. That is an awesome price even without a coupon.
$5 Toy Story 14 ft Water Slide! Looks cool. Too bad our hose water is soooo cold.
$1.68 20 ct Band Aid Toy Story Bandages. That is a great price for themed bandaids. We just got band aid coupons in last weeks newspaper so if your little one is into Toy Story, this could be a fun way to treat boo boos.
$5 24 Pack of 12 oz cans of Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Dr Pepper products. That is $0.21/can, which is an ok price.

So, regular followers do you notice that I don't post about Walmart very often? Overall, I do think you can find deals on many of their processed food products, especially matched with a coupon. I think HEB is cheaper for produce. I also think HEB (and Hubble and Hudson) has better quality meat and seafood products. Walmart does carry things that HEB doesn't have. The main thing is to watch prices and quality on any items you buy because it isn't always a deal. I also tease that it is hard to do a Walmart shop in under an hour. I really like their return policy. So, lots of pros and cons. I guess you see me posting about lots of different stores since none of them do everything for me, and I shop everywhere.

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