Monday, May 10, 2010

Today: 5/10/10

Here is my update for today.

I went to Classics Pizza for lunch at their Research Forest/6 Pines Location. Lunch was $7 including tax for a slice of pizza, unlimited salad bar, and a drink. I wasn't impressed with the pizza. The salad bar was a good one, but not as impressive as my favorite lunch place (sweet Tomatoes, which is the same price when you go with a friend and have a b1g1 coupon plus kids under 3 eat free!). So, I was happy to try it, but probably wont be going back on my own volition.

I ran into HEB. Mootopia is $2.99 and you get a free power bar. They have Lobsters at $6.99/lb for the ones that are over 2Lbs. That is buy price if you eat it. They had a lot of choices.

We wanted chicken and they were out of both wings and drumsticks, so we got drummettes. Here is the recipe for our delicious dinner. Take a plastic bag and put the washed chicken in the bag. Add Teriaki sauce (we did Kikkoman). Shake. Marinate for an hour in the fridge. Bake at 390 for 45 minutes. Enjoy! This would be a great appetizer to server at a party because it is fun finger food.

I have 2 $3 RR from Walgreens that expire today and 2 $3 that expire tomorrow so I am going to run out and get water (aquafina 24 pack $3.99), the schick hydro ($7.99 - $5 coupon - $5 RR back if they are still in stock) and a 2L Diet Dr Pepper for a $1. This is why it is important to watch prices. HEB had the same water for $5.99 today. I also have to pick up my free 8 X 10 collage! I have enough shaving cream so I am going to pass on the freebie EOS.

CVS has better deals this week. They have Diet Coke for $0.88, free Crest Pro health (after ECBs), free U by kotex (after ECBS), cheap Huggies  ($8.49 - Coupon - $2 ECB back could be $5), and free 32 ct Bayer Asprin ($1 - $1 coupon).

Yesterday, I ran into TCBY and they gave me a very generous waffle cone filled with their White Chocolate Mousse Frozen Yogurt for free. It was yummy. Today in my email, I got a coupon for a B1G1 at TCBY. Their marketing is working on me. :) I guess I have to go back!

I also got some goodies in my mailbox today.

I got a $15/$15 at Lane Bryant coupon that expires 5/20. I used one just last week on Thursday. I am not sure what I will get.

I got the Free Turkey Bacon coupon from Kraft First Taste.

And a $20 Bill for participating in a Lipstick consumer research project for a week. Woohoo!

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