Thursday, May 27, 2010

Barnes and Noble: 50% Off ALL Kids Books!

Wow! That is a good deal! 50% Off Kids Books is Awesome!

Here is a link to their bargain section.

We recently became members (because my family bought enough books in one shop that the clerk pointed out that if we didn't get the card that day, then our purchase price without the card would be $4 higher than the price of our transaction with the membership fee included). For $25 a year, your whole household gets free shipping from the website, 40% off Hardcover Bestsellers, 20% off all Adult Hardcovers, and 10% off most everything else. You don't even have to bring your card with you to the store. You can just give the phone number that you registered with. I like that you don't have to mess with printing coupons or pay attention to advertised sales. I have been saying for awhile that I think Barnes is a "better" book store than Borders, especially the kids department.

I still hold that if you are looking for bargain books than the downstairs at Borders is the best.
If you are an educator, you get 25% off of your total purchase every day at Borders. Twice a year, you get 30% off.
Parking is definitely easier at Borders.

Seattle's Coffee vs Starbucks. Both good. All this competition is good for consumers.

This reminds me of Walgreens vs CVS. For awhile, I was just doing Walgreens. Now, I am doing both. CVS ECBS don't expire as quickly. Walgreens you can get multiples of their freebies by doing different transactions.

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