Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HEB Coupon Policy: Worth Reading

The HEB Coupon Policy is definitely worth reading and worth printing. I just had an arrrrgh moment. For a while at HEB, I was told you could do one manu and one heb coupon together. And then they started telling me it is one or the other. Now the official policy is online and you can do both depending on what type of HEB coupon it is.

  • Only one manufacturer coupon per item is permitted. 
    • Combining a manufacturer issued coupon with an H-E-B issued manufacturer coupon (Type M) on the same item is not permitted
  • H-E-B will combine store sponsored yellow coupons with manufacturer coupons for the same product
    • One (1) manufacturer issued coupon and one (1) H-E-B issued Store-sponsored (Type S)
    • One (1) manufacturer issued coupon and one (1) H-E-B issued Big Savings coupon (Type B)
Now, I know that those letters mean. I plan to print the policy to educate the cashiers in case they aren't aware of the correct policy to enforce.

Thanks Savings with Shellie for posting about the coupon policy now being online. I had looked for it before and hadn't seen it!

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