Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cold Stone Creamery, and reminder about ice cream.

So, there have been a lot of reminders about the 20% off Cold Stone Creamery coupon floating around. I wanted to remind y'all about how to eat it for FREE!!!

#1 Sign up and get a free Like It size cup with a mix in for your birthday. You can go anytime time till 7 days after your birthday (which is today for me!).
#2. Sign up your children on their website.
#3 Free Kids cup with mix-in in the Entertainment Book.

We used #1 and #3 today.

I noticed the kids cup went up  to $1.79 today from the $1.49 I remembered.

There are also quite a few get 2 for $5 coupons floating around (in the Sunday paper, your junk mail, and in your entertainment book).

Then again if you are spending $5 on ice cream, you might as well get a half gallon of blue bell for less and you get to keep the rest!

McDonald's has ice cream cones for $0.99. You can ask for a kids cone and it is something like $0.25.

You can trade in your kids prize at chick fil a for a free ice cream cone. Sign up to chick fil a's email list for a free cone on your kid's birthday.

TCBY does a free cone on your birthday and on mother's day!

Watch for free ice cream nights at all the places!

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