Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Starbucks Happy Hour: May 7-16 3-5pm Half Price Frappuccino's

I was just in Starbucks today because I had a "any drink free" coupon for my birthday and the "free bag of your choice of coffee" for going every week for 8 weeks and getting 8 stamps for buying a cup of their featured flavor (Talls were $1.50 * 8 = $12 + tax and I got a $12 bag of coffee for free (really minus $1.50 because I got one cup free and I will get another cup free for bringing in the empty bag)). Of course since I had a "Any Free Drink" coupon, I felt adventurous. I tried their new Caramel Frap. It was the most expensive thing on the menu at $5.05 + tax for the Venti (Their largest size). The Talls (small) were about $4. If you go during their happy hour that will make it about $2. Even the Venti will come out to about $2.53, which is less than McDs new Frappe ($2.79). I suppose Starbucks feels the competition. FYI, for those who don't know yet, some McDs are giving away samples every Friday (almost all day) of both their choc and caramel frappe. I picked one up last Friday at the Gosling/Research Forest Location. It was super cute. Maybe 4 oz? The window guy tipped me off that sometimes the workers say that they are out when they are really just being lazy and don't want to make them and that I got lucky. I guess it was because I went at about 2pm and the restaurant was empty. I went through drive through and there was no line. My advice is to go at a non-busy time. I have seen signs at the McDs on I45 and Rayford/Sawdust advertising, too. I guess I liked my sample because I used a B1G1 free coupon on Saturday to treat a friend. It came out to $3.01 with tax. For those watching sugar and their calories, I highly suggest looking up the calories in these sweet concoctions. They probably have as many calories as a meal.

As far as I know, Borders is still doing their happy hour with Seattle's Best Monday - Thursday 3-5pm. See my post here for more details.

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